My Slow Accumulation of Homemade Makeup

Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted in quite a while, but with the holidays, college applications, and nutcracker performances, I just haven’t had the time!

While I haven’t been posting, I’ve still been zero-wasting, and actually have made some progress on a few things. So, without further ado . . .

When I first started doing zero waste, the thought of zero waste makeup absolutely intimidated me. I saw long recipes with ingredients I did not own, with no guarantee of success. I was afraid it would look like I wasn’t wearing any makeup in the first place. And I didn’t like the idea of going makeup-free, partially because of personal preference, but also because as a dancer, I have to wear it on stage. I considered just buying my own, but when I looked online, the most basic concealer was over $50!

A lot of things seem really overwhelming when one first starts zero waste. So here’s a little advice:

  1.  The most important thing is to pace yourself! If you try to go zero waste overnight, like there’s some set formula to trash-free success, then you’ll burn out. The transition into zero waste is very personal, and will therefore be different for every person.
  2. When you first start out, don’t worry too much about getting all of your ingredients packageless. A huge problem with store-bought makeup is that it comes in non-recyclable packaging. So if you can’t find an ingredient unpackaged, but you can find it in paper, cardboard, or an easily recyclable bottle, it’s ultimately better than the store-bought alternative.

Thus, I started with the easiest homemade makeup, and worked my way up to an amount I’m rather proud of! For me, these recipes aren’t perfect, and I will have to tinker with them as time goes on, but for now, I’m quite satisfied.

Eyebrowsphoto 1 (14)

Not everyone needs to fill in their eyebrows, but then again not everyone is a redhead. To make them look like they’re actually there, I wet a small makeup brush before dipping it in cocoa powder and applying it to my brows. You can also experiment with arrowroot powder, activated charcoal, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger powder until you get the right color. photo 2 (14)

Lips & Cheeks

Not sure this is %100 natural, and there are more “earthy” alternatives out there, but it works really well and can be made without any trash. Simply melt together nontoxic crayons in the color of your choice and coconut oil in a double boiler(or put a metal bowl in a small pot of hot water like I did). Once they are combined, place them in a container. To apply, simply dab on your lips or rub a bit in your cheeks as a blush.

photo 3 (5)   photo 2 (15)   photo 2 (17)


For mascara, I use a recipe with a base of almonds (which you burn to get the black color). I simply washed out an old mascara tube and put the new makeup in, although you can buy glass mascara tubes online as well. While this recipe works wonderfully, it does still come off really easily, so I will need to experiment a little more. Once I have perfected the recipe, I won’t hesitate to share it!

photo 3
Without mascara. . . 
photo 2 (11)
With homemade mascara

For an eyeliner, I simply wet the same brush I used for my eyebrows and dip it into an activated charcoal. This activated charcoal is more of a grayish color, but you can get charcoal in a really dark black as well. You can also experiment with liquid or gel eyeliners by mixing it with aloe vera gel or some sort of oil. What I like most about this eyeliner is I can still achieve the dramatic wing I typically go for, which I was afraid I’d have to give up when I started to make my own eyeliner. photo 1 (12)photo 2 (12)photo 2 (13)

Hope this was interesting or helpful! Again, don’t be intimidated when it comes to making your own makeup! Take your time and enjoy the progress you’ve made. And believe me, it’s really rewarding and fun!


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