Zero Waste Setback

So today I decided I would buy lunch. At my high school, they let upperclassmen leave the building, so I went out to a pizza place in hopes of getting a panini. 

It was mobbed with students. I came prepared, with a container, knowing exactly what I was going to order. I went up to the counter, and requested the cashier put my panini in my container and that I didn’t need a bag or anything to go along with it, which he agreed to. 

A few minutes later, he hands me back my container wrapped in a paper bag. 

When I went back to the school to eat it, I found that they had not only wrapped it in a paper bag, but had given me a plastic fork, knife, and napkin wrapped in another plastic bag. URGGG!!! 

Gave the plastic utensils to someone who will use them, hopefully I can work with the pizza place to avoid this in the future. But hey, at least I avoided a styrofoam container! 


4 thoughts on “Zero Waste Setback

  1. I find the same issue with me for straws at restaurants, I tell the waitress two or three times and explain why I do not want the straw that will be used for 30 minutes and never go away. But still they sometimes arrive in my drink. what do you personally do about it?


    1. Well to be honest, whenever I go out to eat I usually either bring my own water bottle or just ask for water, which is less likely to come with a straw.
      But that does sound very frustrating! I would just advise you to keep asking. I’ve found that once you’ve reinforced the practice a few times, the food place eventually gets it right.
      You could also ask them right after they serve you (if they do give you a straw) to take it back and reuse it in someone else’s drink. It would be important to do this as soon as they serve you, so that they know you haven’t touched the straw or anything. This may not work but it’s just a thought.

      You could also save the straw and reuse it a few times before you throw it away. Not perfect, but at least you’ll give it a bit more of a life before heading to the landfill. You could also do research on facilities in your area to see if any will take straws to recycle.

      Hope this answers your question!

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  2. I have had a few disappointments like yours. Yesterday, I had a real feel good win! I went to a bakery with my own cloth bag and asked if she could put the rolls straight in there. I thought there would be an issue or at the very least that look that I frequently get “you are weird!” but no, she said it was no problem and then when I was paying she said “Hopefully more people will start doing what you’re doing, it’s great” I was blown away. It helps counter balance the zero waste fails!

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