Zero-Waste Haul

Depending on where you live, zero-waste can have some obstacles. For instance, some people just don’t have a good bulk food store in their area, and therefore cannot avoid food 2 (9) The situation is similar with me. As far as I know(although I have to do more research), there are only two stores that offer in-bulk in my area, and only offer a small selection. However, about forty minutes away is Princeton, which has a lovely, reasonably priced health food store, known as the Whole Earth Center,with a great variety of foods!

While my mom loves going into Princeton, we can’t go there every week for our groceries because of distance, so we struck up a compromise: On a monthly basis, we go into Princeton and get the basic necessities for the month. To make this possible, we have to know exactly what we’re going to eat. We know we go through a lot of nuts, rice, salt, lentils, popcorn, quinoa, and peppercorns, so we make sure to get those.

The store was totally fine with us bringing our own containers, and even gave us a 10 cent discount per jar!

Bellow is everything we got from Saturday’s trip:

photo 2 (10)
From left to right: a jar of mixed nuts, dried cranberries, chocolate chips, chickpeas(we’re making the switch to homemade humus), brown rice, salt, pepper corns, gummy fruit slices (which I’ve already eaten 1/3 of), and lavender essential oil.
photo (9)
The two were very enthusiastic about posing with my lunch!

We were able to make a day out of this wonderful food pilgrimage, and after going to the food store, my two friends, Anna and Olivia, as well as my mom and myself walked around, went to a gourmet spice shop, as well as a vinegar shop, and got a delicious waste-free panini at a cafe. Yum!


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