Easy Bathroom Swap #3

We’ve got bottles and bottles of different brands of this stuff, along with wipes, creams, and cotton swabs. Because when you get home from work or school, don’t you just wanna take off your make-up, change into something comfortable, and put up your feet?

So yeah, maybe those makeup wipes are a little wasteful and those eye makeup removers a little expensive, but that’s the only way to get rid of your makeup, right?

Think again 😉

A new trend is underway, causing hundreds of Americans to make this switch: instead of using eye makeup remover or makeup wipes, just use coconut oil and a wash cloth!

Of all the brands of eye makeup remover I’ve used, absolutely NONE have worked as well as this lovely oil. And, unlike the stuff you’ll buy in the drug store, you can trust that its only ingredient is, you guessed it, mechanically pressed refined coconut oil.

It’s also cheaper, in the grand scheme of things. High quality coconut oil costs aboutphoto (5) $8 per jar, amounting to 14 fluid ounces, whereas your typical eye makeup remover, say, from Neutrogena, can cost up to around $7 for a bottle of 5.5 fluid ounces. So, buying coconut oil gets you more than twice as much as the commercial makeup remover does for roughly a dollar more. Seems like a pretty sweet deal. And what’s even better? You can reuse that sturdy jar for something else once you’re done, and coconut oil has plenty of other purposes. You can use it as a moisturizer(it helped me A LOT when I was recovering from a really bad sunburn), you can cook with it(it has been linked to boosting your metabolism), and you can use it in other homemade household items, such as homemade makeup, toothpaste, and deodorant.

In addition, it makes a lot of sense to use your coconut oil with a wash cloth instead of cotton swabs! Not only do they come in plastic and produce a lot of trash, but you constantly have to keep buying them. Yes, they only cost about $2, but wouldn’t you rather not have to worry about getting a new bag every month? With a washcloth, you have something you can use for years, only worrying about having to wash it every so often. Just a note: make sure it is a washcloth you do not care about, as it will get stained.

Here’s what I do to remove my eye makeup:

  1. Once you are ready to remove your eye makeup, dab a little oil on your finger and rub it onto your closed eye. You should feel the stiffness of that dried mascara subsiding on your eyelashes, and you’ll notice you suddenly have raccoon eyes! That means it’s working!
  2. Once you feel you have loosened up enough of the makeup, take a wash cloth that you don’t care about and wet a corner of it generously. Wipe away the coconut oil and makeup several times, until you feel it is all gone. You should have a makeupless eye!

Before:                                                                                 After:

photo (6)                                                      photo 1 (3)

This technique works great, is cost effective, and has never given me acne. If it does give you acne, or if you feel this is not working for you(everyone’s different), I recommend using another oil or doing some research on oil-free natural alternatives.

Disclaimer: coconut oil does NOT taste or smell like coconut  .

Hope you have a great day!


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